Provider TeleLinks

Please use these links only at the time of your scheduled appointment. These links will not be active during non-scheduled times.

Please call the office at 978-679-1200 if you need assistance


Dr. Madhavi Kamireddi:

Judith Casarella:

Natalie Fekete:

Shannon Grove:

Nicholas Johnston:

Eniana Tabor:

Janice Wester:

Dr. Lionel Pereira:



Jillian Cooley:

Christina Feng:

Cristin Fitzpatrick:

Betsy Katz:

Anjali Lappin:

Susan Lynch:

Steven Michelson, PhD:

Janis Raguin:

David Resnick:

Johanna Shriver-Halligan:

Randi Taylor, PhD:

Nathaniel Voss:

Cara Weber:

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, all appointments have been changed to telehealth visits until further notice. Clinic staff will be reaching out to all scheduled patients to coordinate telehealth visits. If you require a refill, please call the refill line or utilize the patient portal. Not sure what your provider's telehealth link is? Click on this announcement or check the Provider TeleLink page to find it