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About Us

The New England Center for Healthy Minds opened its doors in 2010 due to a shortage of mental health clinics in the region. Over the ensuing years the New England Center for Healthy Minds has evolved into a comprehensive mental health clinic with an experienced team dedicated to providing quality care for patients of all ages.

We strive to be early adopters of innovative mental health treatments and practices and offer a range of services from psychotherapy, to medication management and telehealth, to TMS and Ketamine treatment procedures. As one of the larger independent mental health clinics in the area, we serve patients throughout the Greater MetroWest, and Greater Merrimack Valley regions.

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, all appointments have been changed to telehealth visits through May 4 (date subject to change). Clinic staff will be reaching out to all scheduled patients to coordinate telehealth visits. If you require a refill, please call the refill line or utilize the patient portal