Improving the Quality of Life for
Children, Adolescents and their Families
289 Great Road, Acton, MA 01720
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New England Center for Healthy Minds is a psychiatric group of exceptional people providing extraordinary care. We are an experienced mental health team dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Our collaborative approach focuses on promoting the understanding of mental health issues and removal of the stigma associated with mental health. Our center strives to bridge the gaps in the current mental health system by facilitating easy access to quality care to children, adolescents, and families dealing with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Cornerstones of our Center

Multidisciplinary teams consisting of a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, pediatric and adult clinical nurse specialists, licensed mental health counselors, licensed clinical social workers and educational specialists.

Organizational leadership that uses a participatory management approach that includes input from all agency staff. Communication, professionalism and teamwork play a key role in fostering an affirmative work environment.

We strive to educate and promote mental health awareness in the community, and to help patients and their families understand mental health illnesses in order to make informed decisions regarding the most effective treatment strategy.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life for children, adolescents and their families dealing with emotional, behavioral or developmental disorders.

Provide timely access to comprehensive, psychiatric evaluation and evidence-based mental health services while promoting prevention, early intervention, psycho-education and individualized treatment plans.